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PFP Mission

Our mission is to provide digital and online tools that enable the property management staff to respond immediately to all emergency scenarios, thereby minimizing damage and liability while enhancing the safety of building tenants.

Our current services and products:

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Your resource for specialized facilities tools and Apps. PFP provides resources for proficient staff response in managing building emergencies, from fires to floods
Our customers include commercial, residential, industrial and retail.

We offer the following services and products:


Being involved with the commercial building industry for over 40 years, in 2014 Scott Pierce formed Proactive Facilities Protection in conjunction with Bill Holt, the Information Architect for Every Picture Tells a Story ( Both are Washington-based companies).


The Utility Shutoff App has critical information about my building, on my Smartphone. Included is an intuitive icon-based map of your building that illustrates the locations of water and other utility shutoffs

This tool is designed for on-site security, janitorial, roving engineers with multi-property portfolios, as well as other management and staff members.

Building Information Cards

The International Fire Code (IFC) requires an inspection be performed on all high-rise structures (above 75 feet). A Building Information Card is also required.

We can make it happen!

We will create the Building Information Card (BIC); a laminated poster that is displayed in the Fire Control Room. Contact Us

Emergency Response Manual

The Emergency Response Manual (ERM) is a guide for use in responding to building emergencies. The manual includes:

  • Essential property, owner and management information.
  • Call lists for emergency agencies, tenants, contractors and vendors.
  • Utility and fire system shutoff diagrams.
  • Emergency response procedures.
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