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In the event of an emergency, get a commercial facilities protection app for your business in the Kirkland, WA, area from Proactive Facilities Protection.

Be Prepared in the Event of an Emergency

When your place of business experiences a fire, flood, or other disaster or emergency, there are a few things that can escalate the seriousness of any damage.  In particular, with a water leak or flood, it is very critical to locate the shutoff valve, to minimize potential damage.

That's where Proactive Facilities Protection's commercial buildings protection app comes in. The Utility Shutoff App provides easily-accessible information about the layout of your building in the form of a map that includes icons at the location of key shutoff valves for various utilities. The map is intuitive and easy-to-read, which makes it easy to utilize properly during high-stress situations.

When employees or other personnel have the location of water shut-off valves in the palm of their hand, they can act quickly to reduce damage during a leak or flood event and be able to shut off the water to that critical area.

Be Informed to Manage Your Building

Aside from its use during emergencies, the Utility Shutoff App can also be useful for janitorial staff, engineers, and security personnel. Anyone on your commercial property who needs access to your utilizes can benefit from the map on the commercial facilities protection app, which will negate the need for potentially confusing instructions.

Having a secure, independent source of utility information can allow there to be maintenance and security checks after-hours, when regular staff are not in the building, which may increase efficiency and give your building an extra level of security and efficiency.

Contact Proactive Facilities Protection and get the commercial buildings protection app in Kirkland, WA, for your business.

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